Netflix’s Altered Carbon Gets Tabletop RPG On Kickstarter

While we’re all hugely excited for the release of the second season of Altered Carbon on Netflix, here’s a good distraction: the very same TV series will be adapted into a tabletop RPG!

Now on Kickstarter, Altered Carbon: The Role-Playing Game is created by Hunters Entertainment in collaboration with Skydance Television, producers of the popular Netflix TV show. And like the show and book itself, the RPG is based on the dystopian neo-noir metropolis of Bay City.

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While Altered Carbon: The RPG may seem almost identical in theme, style and tone as the likes of Shadowrun and Cyberpunk Red (the tabletop RPG based on the Cyberpunk 2077 video game), what sets this title apart from its peers is that it deals with the concept of death uniquely in the form of Sleeves.

Much like the TV and books, re-sleeving is the process of transferring your entire consciousness into another body, which essentially gives one a new lease in life, not unlike immortality. In the RPG, the Sleeves are represented by Traits, which can easily be customised so players are always making their own characters with unique playstyles. However, to even be able to get the ability to get a new Sleeve, certain tasks will need to be accomplished by the players, who will be building a narrative together with the game master.

If you’re already a fan of the Netflix series or original novel, or are stoked to try out a new RPG, or even both, you can check out the Quick-Start Guide for Altered Carbon: The RPG to get yourself acquainted with the rules. You might need your own set of polyhedral dice, though.

The Kickstarter campaign for Altered Carbon: The RPG is currently ongoing, with pledge levels starting at US$25 onwards. The campaign ends on 4 March 2020, with a projected August 2020 physical release.