The Moto Z will be making its Singapore debut in November 2016, which pits it against the LG V20 when it comes to release windows. It’s really going to be hard for consumers to make a choice between the two, but the modular design afforded the Moto Z might be the deciding factor.

If you’re the type that wants more out of their phone, the Moto Z is well equipped to handle pretty much everything life throws at you and all your lifestyle needs. Right off the bat, this is one good looking device that will turn heads and encourage everyone to get a feel of the phone.


Covered in Gorilla Glass for both the front and the back, the Moto Z is the fingerprint magnet like you’ve never seen in your life before. Because of the materials used, I’d very much have liked to use the phone naked but the smudges on the phone might be too much for me to handle. It might be a aesthetic deterrent because the pins found on the rear of the phone is where all the magic happens.

The biggest draw of the Moto Z would be all the modular accessories and they all snap on easily with the use of pretty powerful magnets. We’ve got a camera, speaker, power bank and projector attachment all available from the get go in November.

Incipio offGRID Power Pack


An additional 2200 mAh battery that instantly adds another 20 hours (or so Motorola claims) instantly by snapping it onto the Moto Z.


It might sound silly to add more bulk to the already svelte form of the Moto Z but this honestly beats lugging a power bank around. Just remember to not keep it permanently on else you might be better off with a device with an even larger battery.

Insta-Share Projector


Ever wanted a mobile karaoke machine? The pico projector attachment would be perfect for such scenarios. However, the tricky thing would be that pico projectors need a sufficiently dim environment to perform optimally, so your mileage might vary. The attachment draws power from the Moto Z itself, so you might find yourself out of juice in no time for that impromptu meeting overruns.

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JBL SoundBoost Speaker


These speakers are LOUD and they automatically continue where your music left off when snapped on. JBL was sensible enough to add a small stand to prop up the phone and not muffle the sound.


Unlike the projector, the speaker has enough space to house its own power and there’s a nice indicator that pops up to let you know if the accessory is due for a charge. Think of those parents who need a phone to distract their kids during mealtime; this will be a godsend.

Hasselblad True Zoom Camera


Is this the most affordable way to own a Hasselblad camera? As with high end cameras, there are actually more moving parts needed to produce the perfect shot than just a lens. If you’re looking for a f/3.5-6.5, 10x Optical zoom and 25-250 mm 35 mm equivalent with an awesome brand name to show off, this might be the attachment for you.


Give that the Moto Z is incredibly vulnerable with its connector ports exposed, every purchase of a Moto Z comes with a Charcoal Ash Style Shell or Washed Oak Style Shell included in the package. Continuing with the tradition of customisation, the Shells will also be available for purchase from S$25 and up.


It’s a nice touch and the affordability of the shells allows for easy daily customisation to suit your mood.

While I’ve emphasize much on the supporting cast, the Moto Z is a great device if you’ve been following the reviews around the Internet. It’s a flagship worthy of the Moto brand but might have arrived in the Asian market a hair late after recent tech announcements. Well, at least it’s finally here.

The Moto Z will be available in Singapore for S$899. A lower spec-ed Moto Z Play will also be available for S$699 but has a slightly larger battery.

All accessories will be compatible with every device within the Moto Z family at the following prices:

  • JBL SoundBoost Speaker – S$139
  • Hasselblad True Zoom Camera – S$459
  • Insta-Share Projector – S$399
  • Incipio offGRID Power Pack – S$139

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