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LG V20: Quick Hands On

LG seems to find itself in a very nice position, its rivals’ fortunes could have made a dent in the launch of the V20 but as fate wills it, the stars seems to have aligned for LG’s flagship flagship.

We might forget that the G5 is still very much LG’s go to device for everyone but the V20 is where the real action is if you want to get the best from what the company can offer. The LG V20 has pretty much every feature that you’re looking for save a waterproofing.

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Equipped with Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box, the LG V20 would be the first Android phone to launch with Google’s latest OS. The bigger deal is if the company is actually able to keep up with OS updates as with Google’s Nexus devices.

V20 (Left), Nexus 6p (Right)

A quick side by side comparison illustrates that the V20 is about the same size as the Nexus 6p. Icons might differ but the notification bar’s UI is all Nougat.

So first things first, we do have a removeable battery with the V20 housed in a lightweight aluminum body, together with a new silicon-based material. It doesn’t look as though it’s made to take drops and shocks like the V10 but purposefully dropping your phone just because was never an ideal for LG in the first place.

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As the gif above illustrates, popping off the cover is easy and similar to phones of old. LG’s dedication to removable battery has to be lauded and, personally, it’s more convenient to pop in a spare battery as opposed to lugging a power bank around.

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Seeing as to how the first V10 had a wide angle lens for the front facing camera, LG has decided to plonk in an additional wide lens at the back. This takes the total number of lenses on the phone to a total of four. Could too many lenses be too much? LG certainly does not think so.

The UI remains the same as well for the camera app as it’s hard to deviate from what has served LG well in the past. Everything you’ve loved from the V10 and to G5 remains.


The only thing that might be of concern would be the camera lenses protruding out of the V20 itself. It’s a minor quibble but I’d rather go with this design choice as opposed to making the phone thicker over all.

These are the only buttons that you would find on the phone and the LG V20 feels incredibly nice in hand plus, it’s always good to go back to the double tap to unlock screen feature which is great especially when your phone is flat on the table.

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When it comes to flagship phones, every device is great but LG has a non explosive device that still finds room to squeeze in a headphone port. The emphasis on sound is a big thing for the V20 with its partnership with Bang & Olufsen. We hope to have a full review soon so stay tuned!

The LG V20 will be available in Singapore from November 5 2016 for SGD$998. Preorders are yet to open but do stay tuned for it.

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