‘Mortal Kombat 2’ Movie Wraps Filming

Mortal Kombat 2 might be hitting theatres soon, after actor Lewis Tan (Shadow and Bone ), who plays protagonist Cole Young, shared a wrap party photo on X/Twitter, announcing that filming had officially wrapped. Mortal Kombat was previously rebooted in 2021, with the 2024 film being a sequel.

Producer Todd Garner has been teasing updates on the film, with the most anticipated one being that Karl Urban (The Boys) will play Johnny Cage, one of the most iconic characters in the franchise, as well as Hiroyuki Sanada (47 Ronin) returning as Scorpion. It’s likely that Mortal Kombat 2 will get an R-rating like the previous film, with plenty of cool fight scenes.

mortal kombat 2

The film has no set release date, though it’s speculated that we could be seeing Mortal Kombat 2 in theatres around early 2025. The Mortal Kombat films are based on the games of the same name, which peaked in popularity in the 90s, though the film franchise has let the hype live on. Director Simon McQuoid returns to direct the sequel, with James Wan (Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom) co-producing.