Moon Knight Writer Wants To Revive Gargoyles ’90s Cartoon Series

The launch of Disney+ in November 2019 brought back a ton of iconic animated TV shows and movies from the past 50 years. Among them is the 1990s cult classic Gargoyles, which ran from 1994 to 1996.

Among all the classic shows in the streamer’s roster, many would no doubt be clamouring for a Gargoyles remake or continuation, after its tragic cancellation back in 1996. As it turns out, there may yet be hope for the series as Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo wants to revive it one day.

DeMayo expressed how he wanted to bring a slew of old IPs back to life, amidst working on the upcoming Marvel TV show. Among one of those old IPs was, naturally, Gargoyles, as he was a fan.

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“I was probably more excited, and this’ll probably get me fired, I was more excited to watch Gargoyles when Disney+ dropped than any other show on there,” DeMayo told “I was like, oh, I’m watching Gargoyles as soon as that drops. But that was my stuff growing up. It’s strange, I’m a fanboy and I just go where the winds take me. Because the thing is is like, from an outside perspective, yes, what I do is really cool and awesome. But at the end of the day, it is a job and there are bills to pay. So I’ve just been lucky to land that stuff that pays the bills, that I love.”

Like many fans, DeMayo loved Gargoyles mainly because, unlike many ’90s Disney cartoons that were generally light-hearted and kid-friendly, it adopted a darker and more gritty tone, more akin to that of Paul Dini’s Batman: The Animated Series. The themes it explored included betrayal and redemption, subject matters that normally aren’t present in typical children’s’ shows.

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Whether or not Gargoyles does get a reboot remains to be seen. But speaking of DeMayo, he is also currently working on The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf animated spinoff movie due out in the summer on Netflix.

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