‘Monster Hunter Wilds’ Unveiled By Capcom With Targeted 2025 Launch

The Game Awards 2023 was full of surprises, with exciting announcements and deserved wins making it an entertaining watch. But Monster Hunter fans got something more, with Capcom dropping a first-look trailer at the newest entry into the series, ‘Monster Hunter Wilds ‘.

The trailer shows off plenty of stunning landscapes, along with, of course, monster-hunting shenanigans, and a wide variety of weapons and mounts to obtain. From dusty plains to battling in a storm, Monster Hunter Wilds teases an immersive environment on a possibly larger scale than before. After the success of Monster Hunter Rise, the newest entry into the franchise have left fans craving for more.
monster hunter wilds

While details are scarce and the wait for the game seems like a long while ahead, it is shaping up to be worth the wait. More will likely be revealed in 2024, as the game progresses in development. Capcom is set to release the game in 2025 for the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. In the meantime, why not go back and experience the latest Monster Hunter Rise for the first time again?