Monster Hunter Movie Premiere In China Reportedly Cancelled Due To Racist Joke

The Monster Hunter movie premiere in China is reportedly cancelled due to a racist joke.

One of the American Soldiers in the film throws out the line “What kind of knees are these? Chi-knees.” The line is a play on the pun ‘Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees – look at these’ of which many have found to be racist and offensive.

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Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter movie doesn’t premiere in the United Kingdom and the United States until later in December but has already been showing in China as of 3 December.

Here is a clip from that scene:

Showtimes for the film have been cancelled and it will only be allowed to play in theatres if the joke gets edited out. Capcom has issued a statement on social media noting its lack of involvement in the movie and that it would investigate the problem.

Angry fans have swarmed Steam to leave negative reviews on Monster Hunter: World. “Good game, dirty racism movie,” says one review.

It is unclear how the movie made it past the vetting process all movies go through before releasing in China but one thing is for sure, Monster Hunter no longer has loving admiring fans in China.