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Monopoly Goes Plus Ultra With A New My Hero Academia Edition

My Hero Academia has been enjoying a wildly popular streak in the community lately, and the renewal of a fourth anime season in October 2019 means the superhero hype isn’t going to die down anytime soon.

Naturally, this would prove to be a good opportunity for pushing out themed products, initiatives, and the like – something that Hasbro is well-aware of. Joining the existing family is a new My Hero Academia Monopoly set, with anime-inspired design elements and gameplay mechanics bringing a quirk-y (ha) twist to the classic board game.

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Where the original version requires players to collect property and reel in as much cash as possible, this custom-illustrated edition sees them building their own hero teams with the students and staff of Class 1-A, and engaging in “a real-life battle simulation that will hone [their] buying, selling, and trading Quirks”.

The stars of Class 1-A, minus a few others.

In other words, street property will be swapped out for student standouts of Class 1-A – each with their own Title Deed card and value – as the Community Chest and Chance cards get replaced with Go Beyond! and Plus Ultra! decks. Other game features that aspiring pro heroes can look forward to include:

  • Investing in notable faculty members, such as Eraserhead, Recovery Girl, Present Mic, and Midnight, to indebt individuals for landing on owned spaces with Rewards and Trophies.
  • Be taxed by Battle Lost or Ambush mishaps that will impede or halt progress.
  • Team up with Endeavour and Backdraft to dominate the competition with effect multipliers.
  • Character item-themed tokens that run the gamut from Eraserhead’s Visor, Grenade Glove, and Deku’s Mask, to Dummy Bomb, Shigaraki’s Hand, and the UA Sigil.

Interested parties may head over to Entertainment Earth to reserve a copy of My Hero Academia Monopoly for US$39.99, which has been primed for shipping in May 2019. It’s pretty fancy, and seems to complement the theme all too well, so fans should have a fun (and frustrating) time outplaying their peers, as is the case for most Monopoly games. Plus Ultra!

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