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Monopoly Goes Plus Ultra With A New My Hero Academia Edition

My Hero Academia has been enjoying a wildly popular streak in the community lately, and the renewal of a fourth anime season in October 2019 means the superhero hype isn’t going to die down anytime soon.

Naturally, this would prove to be a good opportunity for pushing out themed products, initiatives, and the like – something that Hasbro is well-aware of. Joining the existing family is a new My Hero Academia Monopoly set, with anime-inspired design elements and gameplay mechanics bringing a quirk-y (ha) twist to the classic board game.

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Where the original version requires players to collect property and reel in as much cash as possible, this custom-illustrated edition sees them building their own hero teams with the students and staff of Class 1-A, and engaging in “a real-life battle simulation that will hone [their] buying, selling, and trading Quirks”.

The stars of Class 1-A, minus a few others.

In other words, street property will be swapped out for student standouts of Class 1-A – each with their own Title Deed card and value – as the Community Chest and Chance cards get replaced with Go Beyond! and Plus Ultra! decks. Other game features that aspiring pro heroes can look forward to include:

  • Investing in notable faculty members, such as Eraserhead, Recovery Girl, Present Mic, and Midnight, to indebt individuals for landing on owned spaces with Rewards and Trophies.
  • Be taxed by Battle Lost or Ambush mishaps that will impede or halt progress.
  • Team up with Endeavour and Backdraft to dominate the competition with effect multipliers.
  • Character item-themed tokens that run the gamut from Eraserhead’s Visor, Grenade Glove, and Deku’s Mask, to Dummy Bomb, Shigaraki’s Hand, and the UA Sigil.
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Interested parties may head over to Entertainment Earth to reserve a copy of My Hero Academia Monopoly for US$39.99, which has been primed for shipping in May 2019. It’s pretty fancy, and seems to complement the theme all too well, so fans should have a fun (and frustrating) time outplaying their peers, as is the case for most Monopoly games. Plus Ultra!

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