Mind-blowing Doctor Strange Street Magic In Orchard Road’s Multiverse Of Madness

Ultimate Cameos! Doctor Strange is back but which Marvel-lous friends will he bring along for this ride? We took to the streets to ask fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who they want to see cameo in the upcoming movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and blew them away with some street magic performed by magician content creator Jeremy Tan.

For a little background, fans have been dialing up the speculation for this movie, as there are hints of cameos peppering this film that circles around the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse! If you thought seeing THREE Spider-Man swinging across New York City was a massive story-telling coup, how about the appearance of the Illuminati from Marvel Comics, and the massive speculation that the merry mutants from the X-Men franchise will finally make their debut in the MCU!

But while we know the Geek Culture audience would love the build up to this movie, what about everyone else? You know, the one who wonders why Tom Cruise is linked to this movie (he was rumoured to be the front runner to play Tony Stark back in the 90s), has no idea why John Krasinski has been photoshopped to look like Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four (fans want the actor, along with his real-life wife Emily Blunt to play superhero couple Reed and Susan Richards), or wonder about Captain Carter making her live-action debut.

Well, we have it and more, and have some fun with all the speculation, to get audiences ready for the film. Who do you want to see in the movie?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens in cinemas on May the 4th!

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