Hideo Kojima Might Be Returning To Horror For His Next Video Game

With Death Stranding already released to rave reviews, legendary game developer Hideo Kojima has dropped hints that he is already preparing for his next big project, and he is getting ready by binging horror movies in order to awaken his “horror soul”. 

That’s right, Hideo Kojima is once again returning to horror and in his tweet, he reveals that he wants to make “the scariest horror game” and looking at how P.T. has continued to terrify gamers till this day, he just might be able to achieve it.

On his tweet, Kojima mentioned that while developing P.T., he rented the Thai horror film The Eye to watch, probably for inspiration, only to be too frightened to finish watching the film. Even the packaging of the movie spooked him so badly that he ended up only renting the disc. 

In an interview with Rocket Beans Gaming in October, Kojima once again confirmed his interest in working on a horror video game.

“I want to do a horror game one day, yes of course. I have some new ideas that I think kind of get out there. But I don’t know when. I’ll have to think about when I bring this out,” said Kojima during the interview. “Horror, when it comes to movies…You can kind of close your eyes watching a really fearful thing. Games are different than movies. If you close your eyes in a movie you can make it go away and the movie continues, but in games, it’s interactive. You have to move forward yourself.”

As far as we know, The Eye was the only movie Kojima watched while developing P.T. and look at what he managed to achieve with just one horror movie. Who knows what horror video game masterpiece Kojima might make this time.

Sadly, despite its massive hype, the Silent Hill project which P.T. served as a trailer for was cancelled and we never got to see what could have been. 

For now, we can only patiently wait for more details on Kojima’s next project and hopefully we get a confirmation that the man is indeed returning to the horror genre. Who knows, Kojima’s next project might bring him together with his good ol’ pals Guillermo del Toro and Junji Ito.