Meet Vantum, A Herman Miller x Logitech G Gaming Chair Designed For Focus & Relaxation

Meet Vantum, A Herman Miller x Logitech G Gaming Chair Designed For Focus & Relaxation

In the modern gaming world, it appears that we can never have too many gaming chairs to choose from. Renowned designer Herman Miller has continued its partnership with Logitech G to deliver a new performance gaming chair in the Vantum, which is centred on versatility and adaptability, and is purposefully built for gamers from the ground up.

“As a performance-driven brand, our ultimate ambition is to unlock every player’s potential through thoughtful solutions and research that solves problems, delivers results and enables meaningful change at every level of gaming,” said Jon Campbell, General Manager of Gaming at Herman Miller.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Vantum Gaming Chair

“The Vantum Gaming Chair is our response to the community’s request for more from our partnership. It delivers the same promise of advanced ergonomics, unrivalled quality and desirability of the original Embody Gaming Chair – but now with more colour options and a more accessible price point.”

Having done its research, it seems that the companies do know gamers quite well. The Vantum Gaming Chair supports active-gaming-forward posture, a position proven to fuel focus and faster reaction times, two factors that play a crucial role when gaming.

To achieve this, Vantum was designed to proactively place users in an active/upright position the moment they sit down, leveraging an adapted seat pad and PostureFit, which provides adjustable support to the lower back and reinforces the pelvis, preventing slouching and fatigue. To further assist gamers in ensuring they are in their proper position, numeric feedback is included on the tilt adjustments, allowing gamers to easily identify and recall their preferred settings.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Vantum Gaming Chair

When intensity gives way to relaxation, the adjustable headrest offers gamers maximum comfort by correctly supporting the area where the base of a player’s head meets their spine. This mechanic places little or no direct pressure on the neck, allowing players to kick back and relax with ease.

The Herman Miller x Logitech G Vantum Gaming Chair also provides a thoracic support pad, a first for the gaming chair industry, which serves to properly support the upper back, neck and head when in a relaxed position. Together with the headrest, users can expect to relieve any pressure buildup and regain focus during long gaming sessions.

The Vantum Gaming Chair is now available for US$995 in three colours – Polar, Flare, and Obsidian – with seat upholstery made of 100% post-consumer recycled textile with high-performance properties and backed by a 12-year warranty.

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