Marvel’s First K-Pop Superhero Luna Snow Lands On Marvel Super War; Drops New Single To Celebrate

Who would have thought a day would come when a Marvel superhero is not just a hero, but a K-pop superstar as well? During a livestream on the official Marvel Super War Facebook page, it was announced that Marvel’s very first K-pop idol superhero Luna Snow will be available in the game from 24 December.

Not only that, Luna Snow also released her newest single, Flow (feat. Luna). This isn’t the first single released by the talented idol. Luna Snow has already released two singles prior to Flow, I really Wanna and Tonight

Her third single was released to celebrate her debut in Marvel Super War and features the powerful vocals of real-life K-pop star Luna, who is best known for being a former member of the K-pop group f(x).

Luna Snow first started as Seol Hee, a South Korean singer and dancer in the K-pop group 4L1T. Following an ambush by the science-obsessed organisation A.I.M, who attacked a Stark Industries event that 4L1T was performing at, Seol Hee bravely attempted to protect the attendees of the event. This resulted in her being captured by A.I.M and locked in a cold fusion reactor, which ended up malfunctioning as she was trying to escape, granting Seol Hee cryokinetic powers to fight back against A.I.M. After the incident, Seol Hee was dubbed “Luna Snow” by the press and the rest, as they say, is history.

As a superhero in Marvel Super War, Luna Snow will be a powerful Energy class hero with the ability to create both dark ice for destructive attacks and light ice for healing. Players can switch between both light and dark ice to cause strong AoE damage and inflict a freeze effect on enemies to stall for time whilst she heals herself. 

Luna Snow’s entry to Marvel Super War on 24 December also celebrates the game’s first anniversary. What’s more, those who join the game during the anniversary will get to enjoy the Magical Snow Night event and get to with a 40% off Luna Snow Discount Card, exclusive anniversary skins, Hawkeye’s Frozen Archer costume, and many other rewards. 

Marvel Super War is available on both iOS and Android