Jim Henson’s “Dinosaurs” Lands On Disney+ 29 January 2021

Dinosaurs, arguably one of the most iconic puppet-animated series of yesteryear, is officially heading to Disney+ on 29 January 2021.

Speaking to Collider, Brian Henson, chairman of The Jim Henson Company, the show, which was initially only on Hulu, was a natural fit for Disney+, as it “sits very well” on the streaming service, which has an innate penchant for family-friendly content (mostly).

“We were ahead of our time, I guess. But we were pulling a lot of our themes from All in the Family, which was years and years before us. And even The Honeymooners before that. Yes, we were ahead of our time but isn’t it sad that we were having the same issues, not only decade after decade, but generation after generation. It’s sad,” said Henson.

Created by the late Jim Henson of The Muppets and The Dark Crystal fame, Dinosaurs first aired on ABC in 1991. It endeared itself to audiences as it presented the inner workings of daily family life in a lighthearted and comical tone, with said families taking on the form of anthropomorphic dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, Disney+ will officially launch in Singapore on 23 February 2021.