Mario Kart Live Creator Announces Knockout City, A Cross-Play Enabled Dodgeball Brawl Game

From the developers of Mario Kart Live, Velan Studios and EA have teamed up for a funky third-person dodgeball game with a twist, Knockout City.

Knockout City revolves around the fundamental concepts and gameplay of a normal dodgeball fight but adds interesting touches like exploding and curving balls to the game. Aiming in this game is fully automatic so the entire gameplay will be focused on teamwork and timing.

The game has several different “Playlists” or modes like a 3v3 or 4 players free-for-all with a Street Rank progression system that let players earn a bunch of cosmetics. Although there won’t be a narrative in the game, Knockout City’s characters and environment gives an attitude and personality to the world itself.

There will be “Street Play” matches for casual games, “League Play” for competitive ones and private games with friends. There will be a seasonal update every 9 weeks that adds new content and cosmetics to the game.

Velan Studios plans to offer all players a free trial of the full game which makes it worth a shot to try. However, they have yet to release the trial period. Knockout City also provides full cross-play and cross-progression between platforms.

Knockout City will be available on PC (via Steam and Origin), PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on 21 May 2021.