Make Your Home & Work Space Insta-Worthy With WLWYB’s Ambient Light LEGO Letter Lamp

LEGO has been all the rage in recent years, with the new Luigi sets, and upcoming Star Wars and Marvel sets. Yet, if you are looking to take a break from the lengthy and big builds, We Love What You Build (WLWYB) might just have something right your alley.

WLWYB is a one-stop-shop-playground for all who are interested in buying and selling genuine LEGO parts. The company is an independent company filled with a passion for creating LEGO home accessories and decorations beyond just the bricks. Besides just looking great on a shelf, these products have their own functions, and the Ambient Light LEGO Letter Lamp is no exception.

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G.C. for Geek Culture!

This unique lamp is shaped according to a college-inspired font style with an illuminated front side that makes use of advanced LED panel technology. It only comes in a warm white LED colour, which adds a homely touch to the space, and lights up nice and bright. What this also means that you’ll a new area to take Insta-worthy pictures and videos, and bring the aesthetic factor (and your followers’ jealousy meter) up a notch. For those who prefer dimmer lighting, however, the lamp might not be the best choice as its brightness level cannot be adjusted to one’s liking.

There are 26 different letters (of course) to choose from, making it a perfect gift for friends and loved ones. The entire frame is made up of black and white LEGO parts with a translucent screen to create an ambient lighting effect for that extra oomph in your photographs. Measuring 22cm in height, it acts as a nice decorative addition to one’s room, with its one-colour selection making for a suitable choice for those who prefer minimalistic designs. Coupled with the lettering, the subtle, low-key lighting can offer a touch of personalisation as well.

These Ambient Light LEGO Letter Lamps by WLWYB are also USB-powered and runs 90cm long, making it easy to plug in either in your PC laptop or desktop or any USB hubs at that. Do take note that since it is made up of LEGO bricks the edges are quite sharp, so it’d be best to handle it with care, especially where the younger ones are concerned.

For those interested in getting their hands on this fancy LEGO Letter Lamp, it currently retails for US$69.95 pre-built. However, if you fancy building it from scratch to have your full LEGO building experience, you can do so as well for US$10 less. The cherry on the top, though, is our discount code that allows you to buy several blocks to form your name – if you so wish (good luck to those with long names!).

The steps are simple: Just enter our discount code GC10OFF, and you will get 10% OFF your order when you check out on WLWYB’s website. Shipping is FREE worldwide, unless you prefer to use the FedEx Overnight shipping option.

If you are a science geek or a LEGO enthusiast or you know of one, you may also check out WLWYB’s Periodic Table of LEGO colours for even more of that stylish LEGO look. In the meantime, sprucing up your home and work spaces with the WLWYB Ambient Light LEGO Letter Lamp should be sufficient to bring a little bit more life, personality, and Insta-worthiness to the table (both metaphorically and literally).

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