Luke’s Lobster Debuts Hot Honey Lobster Roll, And Adds Their Must-Try Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich

From the Big Apple, to our Little Red Dot. Luke’s Lobster has been held to high standards by fans of lobster rolls far and wide. No trip to New York or Tokyo is complete without shoving a Luke’s lobster roll (or two) into one’s face. Luckily for us, Luke’s Lobster crawled to our local shores last year, and not only did it open its second outlet at Changi Jewel earlier this year, it also debuted a brand new seasonal roll.

Luke's Lobster

And just like Singapore, Luke’s Lobster new seasonal roll is hot, sticky and a foodie’s dream. The Hot Honey Lobster Roll (S$27.50) Is not only both sweet and savoury, it also aims to delight locals who are spice-obsessed, and have a penchant for heat. 

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Served between Luke’s famous fluffy and buttery roll is a generous serving of sweet and juicy lobster meat, drenched in New York-based brand Mike’s Hot Honey and topped with chilli flakes. 

At first glance, the fiery red hot honey-coated lobster meat and abundance of chilli flakes can seem daunting, but foodies with a weak tolerance for spice will be glad to learn that the first flavour to hit your tongue at first bite is the sweet and thick honey.

In fact, even after multiple bites in you’ll find that the Hot Honey Lobster Roll isn’t that hot at all. Maybe it’s not so much Asian inspired, but what spice level Americans think Asians can tolerate, but most of its spicy kick actually comes from the chilli flakes atop the roll. This Hot Honey Lobster Roll is hardly considered spicy food for our  mala-seasoned taste buds and while the hot honey and chilli flakes doesn’t exactly deliver that sharp, pleasurable burn up our tongues, it is noticeable and provides a little bit of texture to this otherwise soft meal. 

The star of the dish, the lobster, is soft, tender and succulent – and truth be told, the lobsters at Luke’s are by far the softest  we’ve had compared to those from other lobster roll shacks that have popped up here over the past year. Even with the coat of honey and chilli flakes, the sweet and light flavour of the lobster meat still peaks through. 

Thinking back, each component of the dish is equally sweet and flavourful. From the lobster meat to Mike’s not-so-hot Hot Honey and Luke’s buttery roll, this honeyed meal is made for those who love their meals sweet and savoury at the same time. Folks who would much prefer to enjoy a meal that is less sweet would be much happier with the original lobster roll, which consists of an equally generous amount of succulent lobster meat and the same butter roll sauced with mayo and lemon butter.

Luke’s Lobster prides itself on fresh seafood that have been fished sustainably. From the ports of Maine to the marinands in Canada, Luke’s tells you where you’re getting your meal from and ensures that what you get served our plate, or in this case, baskets, not only taste good but preserve natural resources and takes care of the fishes, oceans and fishing communities at the same time.

Needless to say, fresh seafood from oceans far from ours taste different, and you can tell immediately from the get go from the taste of the meat to the way the meat looks. One way to really put this to the test (so you know we’re not bullshitting) is to try Luke’s classic rolls. 
Across both shacks in Singapore, the menu carries a succinct selection of signatures including 4 ounces of wild-caught Maine Lobsters (S$25.50), Jonah Crabs (S$23.50) and Shrimp (S$21.50) drizzled in melted lemon butter and seasoned with oregano, sea salt and garlic powder before being nestled again, between buttered buns swiped with mayo. Can’t pick? Then opt for Luke’s Trio (S$33.50) – a sampler set of one-half of each roll.

Luke's Lobster

These rolls will prove that the seafood at Luke’s are fresh and tasty – especially since they are served cold. Yes, cold lobster. Cold crab. Cold shrimp. 

Whilst not up everyone’s alley, the cold Trio rolls are a simple yet satisfying dish for any big seafood lover. One bite and the sweet soft meats of the Atlantic are bound to fall out of the contrastingly crispy and toasted bun. 

Luke's Lobster

But if you’re into something warm, and more wallet friendly, the Lobster (S$18.90) and Crab Grilled Cheese (S$17.90) sandwiches are a must-have, and the latest permanent additions to the local menu. Wedged between buttered slices of shokupan is an oozy reveal of your choice of seafood generously draped with melted cheddar cheese. The sharpness of the cheddar and the juicy-sweet fresh seafood is a match made in heaven. Plus, it’s warm – giving you a comforting yet bougee experience because seriously, why spend S$20 on a grilled cheese sandwich if it doesn’t consist of fresh and succulent lobster in it? In fact, the lobster grilled cheese sandwich is our personal favourite, and we would 100% have it again when the opportunity presents itself. 

On the menu are sides like Lobster Bisque (S$12.90) and Clam Chowder (S$11.50) that are light, hearty and incredibly filling on its own too.

Luke's Lobster

All in all, Luke’s Lobster delivers with the freshness and taste of their seafood. Whilst the Hot Honey Lobster Roll is far from spicy, the seasonal item is not to be missed if you’re a fan of honeyed meats and all things sweet. The grilled cheese sandwiches – which are now permanent on Luke’s menu – is the big winner and a must try if you’re ever down for a slightly boujee grilled cheese. 

Priced on the higher side, what you pay is what you get. It’s not something we would recommend driving all the way to Jewel or Orchard to get, but it’ll leave you a meal that you won’t forget. 

Luke’s Lobster is located at level one of Jewel Changi Airport and Isetan Scotts in Shaw House, Orchard Road.