LucasArts Classic ‘Loom’ And 5 Other PC Games Are Free To Claim For Prime Members In October

Each month, Amazon Prime members can enjoy a number of free games with their subscription. In fact, this October brings six games to the Prime Gaming channel that Amazon Prime members can claim for keeps.

fallout 76
Fallout 76

Gamers should see the following free titles in the Prime Gaming October 2022 Games tab:

  • Fallout 76
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II
  • Hero’s Hour
  • Loom
  • Glass Masquerade: Origins
  • Horace

Some highlights from this offering include Fallout 76 — an interesting, experimental online multiplayer take on the Fallout franchise. Fallout 76 had a rough launch back in 2018, but after many patches and a substantial amount of content added since release, it’s now well worth trying out.

Classic 90s LucasArts adventure game Loom is also on the list. This gives nostalgic players a chance to dip back into the game’s strong storytelling, captivating puzzles, and whimsical humour. And for players who have never even heard of Loom, this is the chance to check out this breezy game and get a peek at a significant slice of gaming history.

warhammer game

Those looking for less point-blank action and, instead, more strategy and planning should enjoy Total War: WARHAMMER II. The rich and sprawling lore of the Warhammer universe rivals Tolkien’s own Middle-earth, promising an epic story matched with a complex yet satisfying tactical experience.

New free games are added to the Prime Gaming rotation every month. Members can also claim a wide selection of in-game content for various games as part of their membership benefits.

If you’re not yet an Amazon Prime Member, you can check out the 30-day free trial to learn more about Amazon Prime and experience Prime Gaming.

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