Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker Looks Like A UFO Fit For The Luxury Market

Louis Vuitton (LV) is not a brand one would associate with audio prowess and products, but it has certainly demonstrated its ability to create luxury items that you never knew you needed (read: totally unnecessary), such as the leather-bound Horizon Light Up Wireless Speaker that features a UFO-like aesthetic.

Inspired by the brand’s very own Toupie (spinning top) handbag – an iconic piece of work from womenswear artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière – LV’s latest addition introduces a unique conical touch to the conventional speaker design, and comes adorned with a rainbow of lights on its subwoofer.

The Horizon Light Up is held in place by noble leather and metal components, with the LV flower insignia taking its place on the subwoofer. Monogram patterns fill out the handle area, while the centre of the speaker sports illuminated cut-out letters spelling out the brand’s name. A total of seven colourways are also programmed to change with the music at the top ring.

It’s not all for show, too. The speaker can be paired via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, and more, with a supplied dock offering up to 360-degree directional sound indoors. For ease of carrying outdoors, LV has included a leather strap as well, such that users may attach it to the top in the same way the Toupie is.

The Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker is expected to launch worldwide on 30 July 2021, though the damage it will bring to your wallet remains unknown. Specifications have yet to be announced, but let’s be honest here: this is certainly worth more as a flex than for its actual use.

Still, credit has to be given where it’s due. The device looks extremely sleek and elegant from every angle, making it a nice, pleasant-looking feast for the eyes – if you have the cash to splash, that is.