(Re)Live The Singapore National Service Experience With ‘Chao Recruit!’ Card Game

Not too long ago, a Singapore-based company released a card game specifically centring on the food culture of Singapore called Hawker Wars. And before that, they have also produced the well-received The Singaporean Dream that focuses on the aspects that most Singaporeans face. Now, it seems like another card game is set to join the Singapore-themed shelf of tabletop games.

Launching on Kickstarter on 10 July, the new addition is created by The NSXperience, a group of friends who have come together to bring the experiences of Singapore’s National Service Basic Military Training to the table (literally). Named Chao Recruit!, it incorporates the culture, lingo and stereotypes of the two-year service that recruits have undergone.

The team’s rationale behind this card game creation is to produce a bonding experience on the topic of National Service between Singaporean family and friends, regardless of whether they have served or not.

In the box, players will receive 65 Action Cards, 8 Character Cards, 32 Experience (XP) Cards, 21 Kena Cards and the Rule Book itself. The objective is to complete three sets of cards that total 5XP, either by using XP cards that range from 1 to 4 XP, or Kena Cards, which brings -3 to -5 XP. As long as the combinations end up with 5XP, the collection is considered a complete set.

At the start of the game, each player is given an identity card with its own talent that they can use to their advantage when it’s their turn. Five cards will also be given randomly to each participant which can be used during their respective rounds.

On each player’s turn, they are given three actions to make: play an action card and use your ability, place an XP Card or Kena Card in your own XP zone, or move an XP or Kena Card across different sets in your own zone. Do take note that only a maximum of three different sets can be made in your XP Zone.

Here is a more detailed explanation of the gameplay for Chao Recruit!:

The whole game is pretty straightforward, especially for those who are already familiar with Monopoly Deal, which was the source of inspiration behind this project. Seeing that the game is catered specifically to the Singaporean audience, the team ensured that the game is entirely manufactured within the little red dot, from its design to its packaging.

If you’d like to support Chao Recruit!, do check out their Kickstarter once it starts on 10 July. Additionally, you can also check out their official website as well as Instagram for more information about the card game.