Cooler Master Believes Gamers Will Pay US$2,000 For A Vibrating Gaming Chair

Although gaming has always been about hardware and software, there are often other considerations to have for a modern gamer. For example, a specialised gaming chair is now more or less a staple in many entertainment setups, or perhaps a proper desk to house your awesome rig. For the former, Cooler Master has teamed up with haptic feedback system manufacturer D-Box to create the Motion 1, a gaming chair that is not just about ergonomics, but also about immersion.

In a teaser shared via Twitter, we see the silhouette of a chair that looks every bit like what you expect from any other gaming chair. However, it is the base where that D-Box innovation comes into play.

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Likely to be housing the Motion 1 gaming chair’s haptic feedback system, it will allow users to feel every bit of the action while enjoying the comfort of Cooler Master’s premium seating. The best part of all is that D-Box already supports plenty of games.

Titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can take advantage of the tech, as do over 2,000 movies and TV shows at this moment.

Of course, such immersion will come at a cost. The Motion 1 gaming chair is targeting a price between US$1,999.99 and $2,999.99. That puts it in a much higher price bracket compared to its competition, like the Secretlab family. You could also easily get an awesome PC rig built for that kind of money.

Nevertheless, it is still fun to see just how far we can take gaming chairs. The Motion 1 gaming chair from Cooler Master and D-Box might just be the beginning.