The League of Legends And Louis Vuitton Collection Is Crazy Good And Crazy Expensive

It was announced earlier this year that luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton was partnering with Riot Games for their League of Legends World Championships 2019, better known as Worlds 2019.

This partnership resulted in the one-of-a-kind trophy case awarded to the victors along with customised watches from their combined collection and some in-game cosmetics for the rest of their players. Now, Epic Games and Louis Vuitton have released their collaborated clothing line.

The collection is a little confusing with no clear indication of how it is tied to the game. But it does seem connected to the True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition skin which was the first to be introduced from this partnership.

The entire collection has an athleisure feel, to match the champion Qiyana, including pieces such as leggings, crop tops and bags. And all of which have a similar colour scheme to Qiyana’s skin but why are there stripes?

Understandably, all these items cost an arm and a leg, with the cheapest item being a monogrammed bracelet going for US$345. The most expensive item is a leather biker jacket which costs US$5,650.

This collection might be outrageously expensive for us mere mortals but that doesn’t change how much we want it. Just add this to the list of high fashion collaborations that we want but can’t afford, like the Coach and Michael B Jordan Naruto collection.