LINE: Gundam Wars Officially Goes Live in Singapore!

One of the few joys of being a fan of Japanese games is receiving news about a localised or Western release. In a world where incomprehensible Japanese characters would once fill text boxes, smooth English sentences will appear on-screen instead, and gone are the days of referring to Wiki pages for translations.

On December 14, English-language support will be making its way to LINE: Gundam Wars!, following the game’s official launch in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

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First released on both the App Store and Google Play Store in July 2016, the free-to-play battle simulator game sees players assembling different Mobile Suits in battle, each of which are attached to a pilot, and collecting Blueprints for more Mobile Suits or upgrading purposes. Essentially, it takes the basic concept of the Gundam series, and infuses said concept with common mobile-gaming elements.

To celebrate the English version release, Gundam Wars! is also introducing some new and upcoming events into its lineup for a limited time, such as making Mobile Armour – which works the same way as Mobile Suits, but on the enemy’s side – available to the masses, and a special Mobilisation period till December 27.

Simply put, this means that players stand a higher chance of obtaining a special Unit through a Mobilisation Ticket, attained through the purchase of 11-Mobilisation chance for 200 Diamonds. In a way, it’s rather similar to a pay-to-win system, yet not really – these Diamonds can be collected and saved through server rewards, but those who are less patient or overly-enthusiastic may just fork out actual cash for them.

As with every other mobile games, Gundam Wars! will be offering special and 4x Stamina login bonuses, and free daily Unit Mobilisation as well.

It’s goodies and rewards aplenty, everyone!

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