LEGO Baby Yoda 75318 Spotted Out On Store Shelves Early

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, chances are you’ve probably gotten your hands on a few collectibles including the adorable The Mandalorian “Baby Yoda” Hasbro toys. Now, a few days away from 1 September 2020, a toy store in Luxembourg was spotted selling the LEGO Star Wars The Child 75318.

LEGO Baby Yoda may not be as huggable as his talking plush counterpart but still retains the huge amount of cuteness. He will stand 19cm tall with a width of 21cm due to his floppy ears. His head, ears and hands will be posable. Moreover a baby for the LEGO Baby Yoda is also included in the form of a Baby Yoda baby minifig (that’s a lot of babies for you).

Apparently, this set was intended to be launched in November but LEGO may have pushed forward the release date (via Promobricks). The store also listed the price at €79.50 or S$128.60 and USD94.66.

For fans of the series, this comes as good news and we’re sure that many will be scrambling to get their hands on LEGO Star Wars The Child 75318 to add to their collection.

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