Learn to HADOUKEN with the Nintendo Switch

If you have somehow missed the Nintendo Switch announcement about a month ago (where were you!?) and the subsequent pricing brouhaha, you would know that games coming to the Switch appear to consist a short list. One of those that will come later in 2017 is Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (USFII), a reimagining of 1994’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Now packing both the classical pixel sprites and a new high definition mode with new art, the new game will also make changes to the original’s balance and add grapple breaks and a tweak to combo timing. Two new characters will join the roster as well, with Evil Ryu and Evil Ken adding to the list. USFII will also allow two players to fight cooperatively as shown in the trailer above, similar to “Dramatic Battle” in the Alpha series of Street Fighter. The next mode, however, is what caught our attention.

Pay attention to the 2:07 mark in the trailer, and you would notice a few seconds of 3D animation showing what appears to be Ryu throwing a Hadouken, more importantly, it’s in first person perspective!

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Outed by Polygon, it would seem UFSII will feature a new mode, “Unleash! HaDOken,” that will use the motion controls of the Switch’s Joy-cons to simulate using the iconic move to ward off Shadaloo goons. A cool demonstration of the Joy-cons’ capabilities no doubt,  we are definitely going to keep our eyes on this!


Looks like a video has surfaced showcasing the mode:

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