Leaked Video Of The Full Yoshi’s Adventure Ride At Universal Studios Japan

Despite a pandemic, Universal Studios Japan is gearing up for the opening of Super Nintendo World on 4 February 2021. Thus, it’s no surprise that some individuals might have already gotten a chance to get on the rides to test run the experience.

In a leaked video showcasing the entire Yoshi’s Adventure ride from start to finish, it’s definitely one for the kids with its gentle pace.

[ Sorry but the video has been removed by Nintendo ]

The entire experience takes roughly about 3 minutes as Nintendo fans sit individually on a different coloured Yoshi.

Opening off with a Conkdor greeting riders this gives us a sense of the overall theme of the ride. Apart from Yoshi, we spy liberal use of Piranha Plants and Pokeys all over the ride before it cumulates with Captain Toad toward the end. No doubt this is definitely Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan attempt in drawing a greater link to Toad’s recent appearances in Mario Odyssey and Treasure Tracker.

Who thinks that there’s going to be a gift shop filled with a rainbow of Yoshis to pick up right at the end?

Sadly as most of the world is locked in their own home country, we should take the time to prep our day at the park with the full map of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.