Kratos Goes From Angry To Cute In Nendoroid Form

Santa Monica Studio’s masterpiece God of War has taken the gaming community by storm, receiving the highest honour of several perfect scores, and the worthy Editor’s Choice emblem from us.

Through the riveting tale of his growth from an anti-hero into a curmudgeonly parental figure, Kratos has only garnered more respect and popularity, which of course, comes as a natural decision to include him next in Good Smile Company’s lineup of Nenoroids.

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Decked out in painted ABS and PVC material, the 100mm figure features the man’s signature red marks, as well as his many other battle scars. The detailing on his armour reflects that of the game’s, and comes complete with his trusty axe, shield, and a determined battle expression. A neat touch of customisation sees Kratos’ weapon having the flexibility of being in his hand, or attached to his back.

Priced at ¥4,167, Nendoroid Kratos is slated for sale in October 2018. Pre-orders, however, are already open on Good Smile’s official website, so fans can rejoice and say hello to a cuter, less battle-hardy version of the god-slayer!

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