KFC Indonesia Capitalizes On Pokémon Cards Hype With Their Kid’s Meals

Pokémon TCG has been a craze that’s undergoing a resurgence. Even that is a bit of an understatement.  There’s even a rug inspired by it. This time around, we have a fast-food chain jumping on the bandwagon.

KFC Indonesia has collaborated with Pokémon to release eight promo cards, one with every purchase of their Kids Meal. The cards are designed like a normal Pokéon training card just without the holographic main image. 

Although the names of the Pokémons on the cards are in English, the moves and details have been translated to Indonesian. Moreover, KFC’s Colonel Sanders can be found stamped on the card for promotional purposes.


As with all things Pokémon and scarcity, some enterprising folks have taken advantage of KFC Indonesia’s limited releases of the training cards by re-selling them for US$200 and higher.