Total War: Rome Remastered Slated For Release 29 April 2021

As the saying goes, third’s time’s always a charm. And, it certainly rings true when it comes to Creative Assembly and the Total War franchise. 

After all, Total War: Rome was the third entry in the Total War series and was one that defined how subsequent Total War games were made.

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Thus, it is only natural that SEGA is looking to release the updated Total War: Rome Remastered on 29 April. The developer, Creative Assembly, collaborated with Feral Interactive to create a comprehensive remaster that enables players to “relive the legacy” that comes with Rome: Total War. 

The game allows players to revisit the classic Rome: Total War by building their own empire, commanding battles and conquering the whole of Rome but this time better than ever which fans are eager to look forward to.

Players can expect improved visuals with full 4K visuals, native support for the ultra-high-definition resolution and overhauled environment, battlefield, and character models. Total War: Rome Remastered will deliver the modern gaming experience with a classic strategy title that captivated gamers’ attention for over two decades.

The upcoming remaster would be launching new gameplay content as well with new fronts to wage war in with 16 previously unplayable factions. Gamers can also assert their empire’s economic power by sending out the new Merchant agents found in the game and buy out rival Merchants along the way. With the new gameplay, players have been given more freedom to control the game with its new features such as a tactical map, heat maps and icon overlays in campaign mode.

Additionally, the new version ensures that all players are up to speed with the layout of the game by improving its help systems. The new system is now more suitable to be accessed by colour blind players. Gamers may also look forward to cross-platform PVP multiplayer between Windows, macOS and Linux which is a first to the Total War franchise. 

Despite the new features that come with the remastering of the strategy game series, the original content will still be applied to Total War: Rome Remastered such as the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander expansion. Players will also gain access to the original Rome: Total War collection which is only playable on Windows.

Pre-orders for Total War: Rome Remastered may be purchased from Steam from today onwards or through the Rome Remastered store, as well as the Feral store. Those who already own the original game can purchase the remastered for 50% off until 1 June 2021.