‘John Wick’ Director Chad Stahelski Wants To Make ‘Star Wars’ Film

Chad Stahelski, the acclaimed director behind the John Wick franchise, has recently expressed his interest in directing a Star Wars movie.

In an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast with host Josh Horowitz, Chad Stahelski revealed that he’s a self-proclaimed “Star Wars guy” and has been deeply influenced by the original Star Wars film. While he cherishes the creative freedom and control he enjoys in his own projects, Stahelski mentioned he has some intriguing ideas for the Star Wars universe.

Stahelski’s directorial journey began with co-directing the first John Wick film and continued as the sole director for its three sequels. Besides the John Wick series, his directorial repertoire includes various projects, such as a Highlander remake starring Henry Cavill, and multiple Netflix ventures, namely Ghost of Tsushima, Black Samurai, and Rainbow Six.

Stahelski’s interest in Star Wars is more than just a casual thought. He specifically called out to Disney, suggesting they consider him for future Star Wars projects.

“I’m a Star Wars guy. The first Star Wars changed my life path. Maybe someday out there, Disney if you’re listening, hit me in a couple of years. I have a couple of takes for Star Wars. I’d take a swing at that, see if Disney could survive me… It is a big ego dump when you’re like, “Alright, do I think I can take them?” I still have a little bit of a competitor mindset left in me. I’m going, “No that’s cool and I’m very flattered and I’m very honored,” but at the same time, I want to take a swing. It’s like Rocky. I gotta know.”


Although Stahelski has largely focused on the John Wick series due to the autonomy it offers, he admitted to still harbouring a competitive spirit and desire to explore new cinematic territories. He also expressed interest in Marvel Studios, specifically in directing a Blade movie, given the chance.

While it remains uncertain if Stahelski will venture into the Star Wars realm, the franchise continues to expand with various directors like Dave Filoni, James Mangold, Sharmeen-Obaid Chinoy, and Taika Waititi slated for new projects.

Fans of Stahelski can eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects, regardless of whether he eventually takes on a Star Wars film. His vision and approach to filmmaking, evident in the success of the John Wick series, promise exciting developments in his future cinematic endeavours.