Chad Stahelski’s ‘Highlander’ Reboot With Henry Cavill Eyes 2024 Start

Director Chad Stahelski is gearing up to start production on the Highlander reboot within the next year, with Henry Cavill set to lead as the iconic Connor McLeod.

This update comes after a lengthy eight-year development cycle, with the reboot finally nearing the starting line as scheduling conflicts are resolved and the actors strike concludes. Despite the original film’s tepid initial reception in 1986, the immortal warrior tale has maintained a magnetic pull on audiences and industry insiders alike.

In a recent interview with Collider, Chad Stahelski revealed a positive update on the long-awaited film:

“We do not have a date, but let’s say within a year. Soon. Soon as I can. I’ve been developing two shows side by side: Ghost of Tsushima and Highlander. Those are the ones that I love. I have a couple of other ones that I really love. I have Rainbow Six and a few other things, but they’re still in development in the script phases. I’ve been trying to do Highlander now for eight years. I’d really love to do it. All the tumblers seem to be in play, and if everything goes well, we get finished with this strike, and our schedules all work out, it looks very, very probable.”

Stahelski, who has built a formidable reputation through the John Wick franchise, has been associated with the Highlander project even before his success with the Keanu Reeves-led action saga. Now, with the recent involvement of Henry Cavill (who joined the cast two years ago), the reboot is gaining momentum. Stahelski’s enthusiasm for the project is evident as he looks forward to reimagining the story of immortals locked in an eternal battle for supremacy.

The narrative of Highlander is steeped in rich lore, following Connor McLeod from his early days in the Scottish Highlands to modern times, where he discovers he is one of a group of immortals destined to duel each other until only one remains. It’s a story of survival and secrecy, with grand themes that resonate through the ages.

Lionsgate has yet to schedule a release date for the reboot, but anticipation is building for what promises to be a cinematic event. The film is planned to be a theatrical release, allowing audiences to experience the revival of Highlander on the big screen.

Longtime fans and new viewers alike can expect more details to emerge as this long-anticipated project advances through production soon.