JJ Lin Leaks Upcoming Razer x BAPE Gaming Backpack

Say what? JJ Lin is at the centre of another major hyped product? As it turns out, the Singaporean musician and esports entrepreneur is indeed part of another upcoming product launch, after promoting the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM, as well as the PlayStation 5 in Singapore.

This time, JJ Lin was seen leaking images of a new backpack sporting a collaboration between gaming peripheral juggernaut Razer and Japanese fashion icon A Bathing Ape (BAPE) on his Instagram Stories earlier this week:

From the image, which has since become unavailable on Lin’s Instagram, we can see why this might appeal to hardcore gamers especially. The iconic BAPE logo sports two very nice odes to gaming, namely the ape itself wearing a pair of Razer Kraken headphones, while the “A Gaming Ape” logo replaces the usual “A Bathing Ape” one.

In addition, the Razer and BAPE official logos can be seen just below. Capping off the design is the green Razer logo imprinted in patterns on the predominantly brown colourway, with the Razer wording adorning the zippers.

Whether this collaboration is actually happening remains to be seen, but we can imagine a ton of folks getting their wallets out the moment it does become available for purchase.