Japanese Gamer Remodels PlayStation Classic Into A Brilliant, Classy Portable System

While retro enthusiasts indulged in the feeling of nostalgia/regret with the PlayStation Classic’s 20-game collection last December, one Japanese gamer had something rather different in mind.

The old-school console, released as part of the 24-year anniversary of the original Sony System, was initially launched to much hype, but subsequent experiences proved it to be quite the letdown.

For Twitter user @NINAchannel, however, it was more about the fun and games more so than the resulting disappointment, as he channelled his geeky builder spirit to transform the PlayStation Classic into a PlayStation Classic Portable.

Tearing the mini system apart, he first proceeded to add controls by slicing open an original PlayStation controller, attaching its components into the classic console’s chassis, and fitting both the former’s left and right halves to the sides of the latter. Portability, check.

But what good is there in playing 32-bit titles on the go without a screen? Following the above step, the next order of business saw the Japanese gamer inserting a 3.5-inch LCD display into a rectangular hole at the top of the console – carved open by the man himself– before plugging it into a 4,000-mAh battery.

With the clever self-made console up and running, functionality and aesthetic touch-ups then came to be on the list. The protruding screen was adjusted to completely level, and the battery went internal. On the rear, the original PlayStation’s clamshell ridge underwent a design change, emerging proudly in a new sheen of specific PS1 pieces, logo-free.

Meanwhile, other enhancements include stereo speakers, a volume control knob, a headphone jack, and a micro USB charging connector – all necessary features of a portable console that would certainly help bring the on-the-go gaming experience to users.

Due to Japan’s stringent regulations against modded console resellers, the PlayStation Classic Portable will naturally remain a personal project, and is strictly not for sale. Still, it is one ingenious creation that deserves the attention and awe of both techno-savvy DIY and retro fans, serving as good reference material for anyone looking to remodel their own home consoles.

A fine, classy attempt, this is.

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