James Gunn Has Plans For Deathstroke In The DC Universe

Joe Manganiello’s (Spider-Man: Homecoming) Deathstroke might have made a short-lived appearance in Zack Synder’s Justice League, but the antagonist will be back in James Gunn’s DC Universe, which was confirmed after the co-CEO of DC Studios responded to a fan question.

deathstroke dc

In an Instagram post, a fan had asked Gunn to “wink if he had plans for Deathstroke”, to which he responded with the winking emoji, but said nothing more. Fans are speculating the character could appear in the new Superman movie or Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and given Deathstroke’s history with Batman, is more likely to appear there.

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deathstroke dc

The character made his debut as Deathstroke the Terminator in The New Teen Titans comics, and has risen to become a formidable antagonist, even taking on Batman. His appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League would’ve set up a future film if it wasn’t shelved soon after.

Gunn did not reveal who would be suiting up as Deathstroke, or if Manganiello would be back in the DCU, but fans are especially excited for the character’s return. We’ll be keeping an eye out for Deathstroke in the DCU, and with the Terminator back, there’s plenty more characters to resurrect.