Justice League Snyder Cut Will Have Joe Manganiello Return As Deathstroke

The reshoots for the much anticipated Zack Snyder Justice League cut are well underway. We have recently received the surprising news that Jared Leto is slated to return as The Joker for the show. Now, it seems like another familiar face will be joining the cast as Joe Manganiello will be reprising his role as Deathstroke too.

Earlier this year, when the actor was quizzed on a potential return as Deathstroke, his response was “If I was a part of it, that wouldn’t be my place to announce that. That would be Zack’s place. So, whether or not that’s happening, that is an answer that is below my NDA level, or whatever you wanna call it.” (via Collider)

Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson was last seen during the post-credits scene of the 2017’s Justice League. We saw him being recruited by Jesse Eisenberg‘s Lex Luthor to join the Injustice League. Manganiello promised his fans on Twitter (@JoeManganiello) and Instagram (@joemanganiello) that the original post-credits scene will be added into the new cut.


Moreover, it seems like Manganiello’s Deathstroke will play a bigger role in the upcoming film. the actor has reportedly been scheduled for additional shooting on set. The actor was even seen sporting Deathstroke’s signature white-blonde haircut on his twitch stream.

Previously, when Ben Affleck was still slated to star as the dark knight in The Batman, Deathstroke was expected to be the main villain. However, it’s apparent that the film has turned into a completely new reboot starring Robert Pattinson. Hence, it’s unclear whether Manganiello will play Deathstroke again in future films of the franchise. Nonetheless, we’re sure that fans are still excited to learn of his return to the new Justice League film.

Meanwhile, Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be streaming exclusively on HBO Max as a four-part series in 2021. Each episode will be an hour-long and will comprise of unused footage and Snyder’s new footages.