IT Director Andy Muschietti Brings Attack On Titan To Hollywood

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jager!

It’s been a few years since we first saw young recruit, Eren Jaeger, offer his heart up to humanity’s service in the Survey Corps — a military division in the world of Attack on Titan tasked to protect its people by venturing outside their walled havens and battling grotesque giants.

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While he’s started out impulsive, hard-headed but unfailingly loyal, if you’re still following the anime and manga series, you’ll know Eren has since grown into his vast potential, and lost some of his wide-eyed idealism as an expected, but nevertheless unfortunate, exchange.

However, if you find yourself sorely missing the reckless brat he once was, it turns out we might be seeing him again. Fans of the hit series may be happy to know that Warner Bros. Studios has recently wrapped up a deal with Kodansha, granting them feature film rights to Attack on Titan.

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David Heyman (Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts), Masi Oka (Death NoteMega Man) and Barbara Muschietti (Mama, It) are set to produce the film, with Director Andy Muschietti (Mama, It) helming it. Considering Muschietti’s wonderfully evocative work with Pennywise and It, we’re cautiously optimistic that he’ll manage to fully capture the hair-raising terror of Hajime Isayama’s titans — instead of simply serving up blood-splattering gore. Although, granted, the gore’s probably a given, seeing how titans quite literally eat humans.

With nothing else announced, we can only hope that the casting will be favourable for our favourite, leather-harness-sporting characters — especially so for the iconically deadpan Captain Levi, and please, as amazing an actress as she is, no Scar Jo for Mikasa Ackerman.

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