Indie Survival RPG Game Valheim Sells Over 2 Million Copies On Steam In Just 2 Weeks

If you’ve seen a surge of Norsemen raiding your social feeds in the recent weeks, it’s probably got to do with the latest survival RPG, Valheim.

Having been released in 2nd Feb 2021, the game has found itself right on top of the Steam charts.

Unlike most early access games, Valheim is polished as far as betas go. Even in beta, the game is good enough for people to play for days on end. With no reported bugs or hiccups, no wonder this game impressed anyone who tried it out. 

Like Rust meets Minecraft, Valheim is a viking-inspired game where players are never short with missions and quests. In this game, you are a Viking serving the Allfather, Odin. Players can solo-play or choose to team up with up to 9 players. Players can also create their own servers so that everyone can play at different times.

In fact, think of it like Minecraft for older gamers.

By building their bases and crafting weapons, players explore a map that is filled with tiered biomes, each with their own bosses and resources to survive in that particular biome. Every biome comes with different preparation methods and challenges to go on to the next level/biome.

The possible reason why Valheim blew up could be that the game is a great introduction to survival gameplay, while also challenging the experienced. 

Unlike games like Don’t Starve, Valheim is relatively forgiving from the macro and micro game. 

Players advance the game by going into different biomes. They collect resources and prepare themselves for the biome enemies in each territory. A special twist in this game is that the food players eat enhances the character’s stamina but there are no major negatives for going hungry. 

In order to expand one’s diet, players will have to forage and hunt for animals across the map. Certain wildlife like deers will bolt at the slightest sound, while boars will charge at players. Thus there is a certain level of planning (and tedium) to hunt these animals to sustain your endeavours in game.

Considering that Valheim was developed by a minuscule team of five makes it even more applaudable. Everything was designed with a purpose. The small team plans on adding four more biomes to the original five while also adding more resources and monsters. It also helps that the game has extremely low graphics which makes it playable on most hardware increasing its user base.

There is no talk about when the actual game will be released, but we know that the game will be in early access for the entire year. But not to fear, the small team at Iron Gate AB will continue to post new updates of the game every month to ensure smooth gameplay.

So while we excitedly anticipate the full release of the game, the early access pass is now available on Steam for USD19.99 (S$18.50). You can also check the game out and subscribe to their newsletter for more updates on the Valheim website.

Valheim is simple on its own and shines even brighter when played with buddies.

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