Nokia 3210 Celebrates 25 Years With Modernised Relaunch

As nostalgia for simpler tech reignites, Nokia is bringing back the iconic 3210, a model that dominated the mobile phone market at the turn of the millennium. This relaunch, announced by HMD, the current manufacturer of Nokia phones, coincides with the 25th anniversary of the original 3210, aiming to capture the hearts of those yearning for the days of Snake and sturdy, internet-free phones.

In an era dominated by social media and touchscreens, the Nokia 3210 offers a return to basics with its physical keyboard, tiny screen, and lack of internet capabilities. This relaunch targets both older millennials and Gen Xers who remember the 3210 as their first mobile phone, as well as younger consumers seeking a digital detox.

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The updated Nokia 3210 retains many of its original features, including a simple 2-megapixel camera and the classic game Snake, but with modern upgrades like 4G calling and a 1,450 mAh battery — modest by today’s standards, but sufficient for this low-power device. Priced at US$94, the new 3210 features the distinctive curves and physical buttons of its predecessor, encapsulating the Y2K aesthetic.

Nokia 3210

“The Nokia 3210, a cultural icon, is back at the pinnacle of the global dumbphone boom as consumers look to balance their screen time usage with a digital detox,” said Lars Silberbauer, HMD’s chief marketing officer, as per SCMP. “The Nokia 3210 has simplicity at its core, allowing consumers to be totally present. Forget dumbphone, this is 2024’s fun phone.”

Ben Wood, founder of the virtual Mobile Phone Museum, emphasises the 3210’s enduring appeal. “The original Nokia 3210 has a special place in many consumers’ hearts as one of the best-selling mobile phones of all time. It’s the perfect product to reimagine for the modern era given its strong heritage and iconic design,” he said. “The Nokia 3210 is considered one of the most significant handsets Nokia ever developed and was loved by many for whom it was their first mobile phone.”

Nokia 3210

While the revamped 3210 offers a nostalgic escape and a tool for digital detox, it’s unlikely to replace the smartphone for most. Its affordability and novelty make it an appealing gift or secondary phone for those looking to limit their screen time without disconnecting completely. However, its simplicity may not hold the attention of younger generations accustomed to more interactive and engaging technology. As such, this reimagined classic serves as a charming reminder of a less connected era, perfect for those seeking to occasionally unplug.

More information can be found on HMD’s website.