Indiana Jones 5 Will Not Be A Reboot, Lucasfilm Confirms

While we’re still awaiting the next installment of Indiana Jones, you can rest assured knowing that it will definitely be a proper sequel and not a reboot.

This was confirmed by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy at the BAFTA awards last week. Speaking to BBC, Kennedy went on record to say that Indiana Jones 5 is “not a reboot, [but] a continuation” of the beloved adventure movie franchise.

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We’re working away, getting the script where we want it to be, and then we’ll be ready to go

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy on the status of Indiana Jones 5.

And when asked about the return of Harrison Ford as the titular archaeologist, Kathleen responded with an emphatic “Yeah”, while stating that the Star Wars and Blade Runner star “can’t wait” to reprise his role once more.

The first time the sequel was confirmed since Disney’s buyout of Lucasfilm was back at the 2015 Vanity Fair, but since then the film’s development hasn’t exactly been the smoothest, having undergone multiple rewrites and delays.

Hopefully this last update by Kennedy means we’ll be getting something concrete plans on Indiana Jones 5, which will be the first film in the series since the 2008 sequel, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.