Iman Vellani Calls Ms Marvel The ‘Frodo’ Of ‘Marvel Zombies’ Disney+ Series

Marvel Studios’ upcoming animated series Marvel Zombies on Disney+ will feature Iman Vellani’s character, Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel, as a pivotal figure, akin to Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings. In a conversation with The Direct, Vellani shared insights about her central role in this series, which is set in the universe of the What If…Zombies?! episode from the What If…? series.

“We’ve done the whole thing,” Vellani says. “It was amazing. It was so much fun. And I love – there are a lot of cool characters in the Marvel Zombies show. And Kamala is kind of the centre of the show. They described it to me, it’s like, ‘She’s basically the Frodo of the story.’ And I was like, ‘That’s amazing.’”

“I get to interact and meet all these people along her journey,” she adds. “And, yes, they’re only the voices, and I don’t get to hear their voices in real-time. But just, it’s my fantasies, right? Like, knowing Kamala is going to interact with some really cool people, even if it’s just animation, is so special in a lot of ways.”

Vellani, celebrated for her performances in Ms Marvel and The Marvels, expressed enthusiasm for Kamala’s interactions with various Marvel characters in the show, including Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, Kate Bishop, Jimmy Woo, Shang-Chi, Katy Chen, and Death Dealer.

Marvel Zombies was announced in 2021 and will carry a TV-MA rating, as confirmed during San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) in 2022. This spin-off assembles a diverse group of heroes to combat a zombie apocalypse. The series will also feature zombified versions of well-known characters like Hawkeye, Abomination, Ghost, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Okoye, and Ikaris.

While specific details of the plot remain undisclosed, Marvel Zombies doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet. The show is anticipated to spotlight a fresh generation of heroes, with Kamala Khan playing a significant role. The series might also explore Kamala’s reaction to encountering a zombified Captain Marvel, potentially setting up interesting dynamics.

The Marvel Zombies premiere date is currently unclear, with initial speculations pointing to 2024 or 2025. That being said, the upcoming second season of What If…? is set to release on 22 December 2023 on Disney+.