Huawei Trumps US Ban; Reinstated In Several Tech Associations

Guess who’s back? After a whirlwind last few weeks of being exiled from the ranks of the top crop of the tech and mobile device industry, Huawei seems to be clawing its way back to relevance.


Earlier this month, the Chinese tech company received a major ban by Google over several infringements pertaining to copyright infringements, alleged spyware in its networking equipment such as smartphones and laptops, and the like.

However, an interesting new twist in the narrative is that Huawei is slowly getting reinstated in tech associations across the board. Currently, it is again linked up with the likes of:

  • The SD Association, which will allow it to manufacture standard SD cards again for its mobile devices;
  • Android Beta Q, which allows it to develop its upcoming smartphones with the new Android OS (currently only for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, as discussions to rope in the other devices are still underway;
  • The Wi-Fi Alliance, which provides a much-needed necessity to all of its devices;
  • As well as Bluetooth, which, like Wi-Fi, is another no-brainer for modern-day technologies these days.

More discussions to rebuild Huawei’s burnt bridges following their ban are still ongoing.

While it is a shame that the launch of the otherwise remarkable P30 Pro has been marred by the ban, it seems safe to say that we shouldn’t write off the Chinese manufacturer just yet.

For now, at least.

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