‘Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition For PC’ Lands March 2024 With New Features

Aloy will soon venture beyond the world of PlayStation, as Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition for PC has been dated for a 21 March release. First announced in late September last year, this latest version of the game bundles several new features and upgrades, as well as the Burning Shores expansion.

A new PlayStation blog post details unlocked frame rates, customisable graphics settings, upscaling for NVIDIA DLSS 3, AMD FSR, and Intel XeSS drivers, and direct storage support for the PC version. Ultra-wide support is also included, with support for 21:9, 32:9, and 48:9 resolutions, as well as compatibility for triple-monitor setups.

In addition to mouse and keyboard support, Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition for PC promises extensive controller support. Steam Input support allows users to remap and customise their controller, while the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers translate various sensations, like pulling the string of Aloy’s bow and melee combat, into haptic feedback.

The game’s launch on PC aligns with the latest trend of limited console exclusivity, which sees Sony releasing some of their biggest first-party titles on the PS4 or PS5 first, then on PC at a later date. Some notable releases that have made the leap to PC are Spider-Man: Miles MoralesGod of War, and The Last of Us Part 1.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for PC

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition for PC arrives 21 March, with pre-purchase on Steam and Epic Games Store now open.