Here’s your Chance to become a Video Game Writer!

There’s so much to appreciate about great games – from stunning art direction and immersive worlds to smooth gameplay. Yet, an often overlooked – but completely vital – facet of what makes a game stand out is the writing. It’s why huge titles like The Last of Us and the Final Fantasy franchise hits us right in the feels; it’s why people argue over who the best companion in Fallout 4 is. (P.S. It’s Hancock.)

Beyond the impressive visuals and auditory cadences of a game, it’s the personalities and tales that give it meaning. And that’s what precisely what a game writer does – bring a virtual world to life with the nuances of quirky characters and engaging storylines.

If you’ve always wanted to be a game writer, or have one on board with your company, this is the perfect chance to do so with the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Game Writers.

Conducted by the Screenwriter’s Association of Singapore, in conjunction with WSG and IMDA, the programme will take attendees through the process of becoming a professional game writer.
Spanning just 3 months yet entirely comprehensive, it’s an ideal choice for those looking to break into the game industry or to upgrade their skill sets. All you’ll really need to qualify for a spot is a passion for both games and creative writing.

Running from 12th August to 13th November 2017, the full-time course will be helmed by three industry veterans: Kurt McClung, well-versed in teaching writing and narrative design for video games, comics and creative media; seasoned writer Alex Hilton, who has worked on multiple projects, including two Ubisoft games; and Witching Hour Studios’ creative director Ian Gregory Tan. Skills such as story and character design, foundation writing, presentation and pitching will be taught, both through classroom settings and on-the-job experience.

If you’d like to learn more about the programme, there’s an upcoming mixer, on 28th June 2017, that’s open to interested candidates – with deets available here.

Otherwise, information sheets are also available:
For Candidates – goo.gl/BiHXMI
For Employers – goo.gl/cu3MPZ
WSG Page for PCP information – goo.gl/mpzc87

So if creating the next Gordon Freeman-esque protagonist (or the next Sephiroth-esque antagonist, for that matter), scripting hilarious banter between superheroes and forcing players to make impossible decisions seems like a good fit, you can sign up right here.

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