Here’s How You Can Glow Up Your Keyboard To Look Like The TVA’s From Disney+’s Loki

This might not be news to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts but changing out a keyboard’s keycaps is by far one of the best ways to spruce up one’s setup.

Notably, we’ve most recently seen an Orange / Brown / Beige keyboard being used at the Time Variance Authority’s headquarters which looks pretty sweet especially if you’re looking to rock the retro look.

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Made by the folks at YMDK, you might be more familiar with their colourways as opposed to the concept of removeable keycaps. For a low price of US$25, your keyboard could very well look like the ones from Loki.

The keycaps look to fit most standard keyboards and helps you get closer to becoming a TVA agent albeit in the administrative department. Do check out the following link from Amazon and you should be able to get the keycaps in a jiffy!

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