Hearthstone: The Witchwood Card Reveal – The Glass Knight

Card reveals for Hearthstone‘s upcoming expansion, The Witchwood, is well underway, and we’re nearing the end before the expansion’s release. Well, today it’s our turn and our pleasure here at Geek Culture to reveal the latest card joining the other creepy creatures of Witchwood – The Glass Knight!

The Glass Knight is a legendary 4 Mana 4/3 Paladin minion. It has divine shield from the outset, and will gain divine shield whenever you restore health. The effect triggers when you restore health to any minion on the board, or either hero.

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It might seem a little underpowered for a legendary, but its advantages come with synergies with other Paladin cards. Get it in your hand using Howling Commander, and use it in tandem with cards that benefit from friendly minions losing divine shield such as Light’s Sorrow, Blood Knight, and Bolvar, Fireblood.

Paladin has no shortage of cards that restore health, and The Glass Knight would work with Forbidden Healing, Benevolent Djinn, Lay on Hands, and Ragnaros Lightlord in the deck. The classic Paladin weapon Truesilver’s Champion, and the lifesteal weapon of Uther of the Ebon Blade would also synergise greatly with it.

Seems like the Glass Knight would fit in nicely with a mid-range control Paladin deck, but other than that, it isn’t a really versatile or powerful legendary minion on its own. Playing a 3 health minion at turn 4 isn’t ideal, but if you manage to retain its divine shield, then it might serve as a strong minion for maintaining board control.

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Only time will tell if the Glass Knight will work out for the Paladin. In the meantime, keep up with all the latest and upcoming card reveals for The Witchwood, and look out for the expansion in Hearthstone on April 12th!

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