Hands-On: 3 New OS To Look Forward To From Apple This Fall 2019

 At Apple’s 2019 Worldwide Developer Conference, the company unveiled a slew of new updates and features that will be coming to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. 

Though these software updates have yet to make their way to the public yet, Geek Culture had the opportunity to get an early hands-on look at these exciting soon-to-be-released updates and here are our thoughts on the new updates,


After years of asking for it, Apple will finally be bringing Dark Mode to the iOS13. With this new mode, the entire user interface of your iPhone will be garbed in an all-black aesthetic, which is a lot easier on the eyes as compared to the default white interface, especially when using the phone in the dark. 

Dark Mode is not all about reliving your early emo days however, as it really does help to reduce battery usage. Plus you can now safely use your phone in the cinema without alerting everyone around you with a sudden flash of bright light (Not that we are in any way endorsing it, though we understand there are times when one might need to do so). Apple has included the option of setting a schedule for when your phone will turn Dark Mode on and off but if you are like us then you will surely have it on all day. 

A number of apps have also received a major facelift with the new OS, with the Photos app arguably getting the biggest update. Apple has now split the gallery into three main views – Days, Months, and Years – with each view providing a different level of curation, making it easy to find, relive and share your photos and videos. 

For example, the Days view will use intelligence to remove duplicate or similar photos as well as other unnecessary clutter so that you will only need to see your best shots. On the other hand, the Months view identifies photos taken in the same location and presents them as a single event. So if you spent a few days on holiday, the Photos app will help you arrange the photos you took into one easy-to-view tab. 

Another new game-changing feature added is the ability to let users edit their videos straight from the Photos app, such as colour correction and video rotation. Now you will no longer need to download a third-party app just to rotate your videos. 

Other major updates that will be coming to iOS13 includes Sign In With Apple, which lets you sign in to apps and websites easily using just your Apple ID, as well as a new Maps app that features improved and more realistic looking roads and buildings. 

The iOS13 is definitely an update to keep your eyes peeled for this fall. 


By now it should come as no surprise that Apple is pushing for the iPad to be a viable laptop replacement. It has taken them a while to get there but with the upcoming iPadOS, we have to say that Apple is coming really close to reaching their goal. 

Right off the bat, the new iPadOS will be coming with an improved Files app which will help to make file management a lot easier for users. The column view on the app will be a familiar one for Macbook users. Apple states that you will also be able to access files from your thumb drive and SD cards though lightning connector thumb drives still have yet to catch on amongst other tech products which can make file transfers a pain if you do not yet have an adaptor. 

Another major improvement that will be coming with the iPadOS is improved web browsing on Safari. Now, you will be able to browse the web on Safari in browser mode, not mobile mode. Such a change might seem easy but Apple says that a lot went on behind the scenes to make sure sites like Gmail and Google Docs works seamlessly with touch gestures. Safari will even come with a dedicated download manager to keep track of your downloads. Such an update will only be available on Safari for now. 

Multitasking is also made easier on the iPad, with Slide Over that lets you hide and access multiple apps easily on the side. If you’re like us and have a habit of opening multiple tabs on your desktop or laptop, then you’ll be really pleased with the iPadOS as you can now open multiple windows in Split View. Want to open Safari and Notes together? Or Files and a sketching app? Now you can with iPadOS!

As it stands right now, the iPad is definitely making great strides to be a laptop replacement. We’re not sure about you but we are definitely considering getting the iPad once the new iPadOS hits.


It’s not just the iPhone and iPad that’s getting an upgrade. Apple will also be bringing some new updates to the Apple Watch, including several new watch faces, a newly enhanced Siri, as well as access to the App Store. 

A number of new watch faces will be making its way to the Apple Watch, giving users more options to customise the watch to suit their taste and needs. Apple will also be giving users the option to further customise their watch face with complications, giving them instant access to apps and features that users will want right in front. 

Apple Watch will also be able to run both Siri and Shazam to help you find the name of a new track that has caught your attention, without needing to whip out your phone. Speaking of Siri, it has been improved so that you can now use it to search the web for answers to your questions. 

With the new update, you will soon be able to select from a multitude of apps, from fitness to music, and download them directly onto your watch. Apps such as the Voice Memo will soon be available on the Apple Watch, which is something that almost anyone, from students to musicians, can benefit from. Not just that, you will be able to add the Voice Memo app as a complication as well, which gives you instant access to the app which just a tap of your finger. 

Though perhaps the biggest addition to the Apple Watch is definitely the Noise app, which makes use of the microphone on your Apple Watch to monitor the sound level around you. Once it senses that the level of noise around you is too high, it will automatically alert you, as well as provide you with a guide to the dangers of exposing yourself to various high levels of noise. 

These updates will be coming to their various devices later this fall, around September.