Hallelujah! Nintendo To Resume Switch Shipments From Late April

When it’s stay-home period, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons has hit the shelves, it’s no wonder that the Nintendo Switch is running extremely low on stock, with the prices of waiting-to-be-sold consoles soaring to ridiculous heights. The Japanese game giant is well aware of the situation, and now comes bearing pleasant news, as company officials announce the resumption of Switch and Switch Lite shipments.

The first fresh batch is scheduled for late April 2020 to mid-May, following Nintendo’s move to continue distribution to sales outlets, while accepting console orders on its My Nintendo Store website. This comes after Switch production at Chinese plants was met with limited manpower and resources brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak, which slowed down the entire process.

The team’s fast response to combating increased demand has never arrived at a better time, especially with scams on the rise everywhere. Closer to home, the e-commerce landscape is observed to have a spike in scams, which recently saw two youths arrested for swindling interested buyers with a fake Nintendo Switch pre-order listing on Carousell. With more stock on the way, dishonesty will slowly but surely get booted out of the marketplace.

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