Grab Your Black Panther Podz Available Exclusively at Shaw Theatres

Black Panther has finally hit theatres in Singapore and as fans are making their way to see the king in action, Shaw Theatres have sweetened the deal by introducing their recent Black Panther Podz promotion.

Podz are a series of pop culture collectible figurines housed in a clear storage container created by Comicave Studios. The figurines are approximately 11 cm tall and 8 cm wide. The accompanying container is made of a polycarbonate food-grade and shatter-proof material, along with a food-grade silicon lid.

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These containers are multifunctional, as they can be used both as a display case for your figurine, or a storage container by flipping it upside down and using the figurine base as the lid. Each Podz comes in a box with a clear plastic front, showing a full view of the product and allowing you to display the unboxed figurine. It’s a nifty and creative little product that offers more than just the collectible display item.

These two Black Panther Podz are available exclusively at Shaw Theatres. It is currently the only cinema and place in Singapore where you can grab these figurines, which retail online on Amazon for around SG$15.

They can be attained by purchasing the Shaw Theatre popcorn combos, and each combo comes with 1 Podz. Popcorn combos can be pre-purchased online as you are getting your tickets or by walk-in at Shaw’s MovieBites counters. You can choose from one of the two designs – Black Panther or Killmonger- at point of collection, subject to availability.

Alternatively, you can try your luck at winning a Killmonger Podz in Shaw’s Instagram giveaway!

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Catch Black Panther in Singapore theatres now, and do so at any Shaw Theatre to get your hands on these exclusive Black Panther Podz figurines!