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Gorgeous Fan Trailer Of DualShock 5 Primed To Outshine Sony’s Reveal

The PS5 is just mere months away, and that is a fact. What is not, however, is that general consumers are aware of how the console looks like, and how the DualShock 5 will differ from its current-generation counterpart.

That has not stopped fans from speculating, and the latest A+ effort comes via Giuseppe Spinelli, who has created a hype AF trailer that could easily surpass the official reveal of the DualShock 5.

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Of course, he has taken liberties with some of the “features” added, such as the removable back triggers and interchangeable analogue sticks, but they are not far off from what many consider to be staples of better controllers.

When will we see the official reveal of the console and its accompanying DualShock 5? Nobody really knows, but it is clear as day that the consumers are ready for a new leap in gaming, and so are we.

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