Google Pixel Phones Have A Slew Of Updates, Including Boarding Pass Access Via Google Pay

The Google Pixel smartphones are technical marvels ever since the release of the first model back in 2016. The flagship phones by the American software giant have streamlined the handheld experience increasingly so with every new model, and for good reason. A recent update adds a slew of interesting new features to Pixel owners.

Improved music control with Motion Sense (Pixel 4 only)

Motion Sense on the Google Pixel 4 is a bit of an acquired taste, even today; it’s either you use it in your daily life or not at all. But those that fall in the former camp will be happy to know that the ability to pause and resume music via Motion Sense is now available, so it lessens the need to pick the phone up even more.

Improved depth of field with selfies (Pixel 4 only)

The Pixel 4’s front-facing camera now can create images with depth, which improves Portrait Blur and lets colours stand out more. Also, it allows for the creation of 3D photos for Facebook, which is apt given the increasing popularity of 3D photos on the Internet these days.

Quick card, ticket and emergency contact access via the power button (all)

Arguably one of the more useful improvements in this list is the ability to quickly access your credit/debit card, emergency contacts (Pixel 4 only) and even boarding pass (Pixel 3, 3a and 4 only) and event tickets by simply pressing and holding down the power button. Doing so causes the above to appear on the Google Pixel’s screen, where users can simply swipe to the relevant item to be used in an instant. Simple and effective.

Speaking of boarding passes, getting on a flight with a Pixel phone is much simpler now. Simply snap a screenshot of the boarding pass barcode and tap on the notification that appears. This adds it to Google Pay so that it can be accessed instantly via the power button, as well as provide you with real-time flight updates.

This feature will currently be available to users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Taiwan and Singapore.

More customisable Dark theme (all)

The evergreen Dark theme is now much more customisable. Users can now schedule when Dark theme appears based on local sunrise and sunset times.

More automatic functions (all)

This new feature allows users to set the Pixel to automatically switch off or turn on certain functions when connecting to certain WiFi networks or when physically in certain locations. This includes turning switching to silent mode when connecting to the user’s office WiFi, or going on Do Not Disturb when reaching home.

The following updates are available on Google Pixel phones now.

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