Google Pixel 4a Leaked By Own Company In Online Store

If you had to rely on someone to keep a secret for you, chances are you probably won’t be going to Google for it. The American tech giant has been the worst at preventing its cards close to its hand with regards to upcoming products, with the latest of these being the long-rumoured Google Pixel 4a.

For months now, there has been talk of a more affordable variant of the Google Pixel 4 to hit the shelves (hence the “a” in the likes of the Pixel 3a, and now the 4a). And it appears Google itself has stoked the flames of speculation by including an image of the Pixel 4a on its Canadian online store (via The Verge).

The image above, which has since been taken down in the store itself, all but confirms what to expect on the Google Pixel 4a (ignore the Nest Wifi labelling, this was clearly some glitch on the store’s end). As seen in previous leaks, a rear fingerprint sensor can be seen, as well as the faintest outline of a headphone jack, which many have sorely missed in the Pixel 4.

Additionally, it also more or less confirms the presence of just one rear camera, as opposed to the dual rear camera system on the Pixel 4. Also, it sports a matte black finish with a light blue power button, which is a nice fresh take on the budget model.

Interestingly, the date marked on the image above suggests that the Pixel 4a might have been announced, or even launched, on 12 May. However, we imagine that the COVID-19 pandemic had something to do with the launch being called off.

At this point, it’s just a matter of when Google chooses to officially reveal and launch the Google Pixel 4a. And if we’re speculating patterns, this could also mean that the Google Pixel 5 is not far along the pipeline.

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